Recommended by Behaviourists, Vets and Trainers ….

… The Perfect Fit Harness has a unique modular design, having 3 parts and so can be fitted to suit the shape of almost any dog. It is made with comfortable, soft fleece and has a front D ring to be used with a double ended lead to support lead training. Whilst teaching a dog not to pull is a long process, a Perfect Fit Harness is recommended as it is a comfortable, non-tightening, non-aversive tool that can give you a bit more control, whilst helping your dog feel more comfortable. Please have a look at the Perfect Fit Size Chart before coming to have a harness fitting as it is better for your dog if we can make up the harness as near as possible to their size before trying on(please note - this will take you to the Dog Games Website; if you would like to come to us to try on and buy your harness, do not order from the site, come back to Paws with a Cause and contact us through here). Our prices are the same as DogGames - 15mm full harness £33.00, 20mm £38.00 and 20mm £48.00. You can also buy individual pieces. Delivery is free to our local delivery areas, but we do recommend you try it on first. Phone us to let us know you are coming for a fitting and we will make up a harness to try for you, which we can then correct if some of the pieces need changing. If you have a very nervous or reactive dog that will struggle to be fitted in the shop, contact us on 01273 602870 and we will try and arrange a time when the shop is shut or a home visit where we can (it is not always possible to do home fittings due to having delivery commitments, but it’s always worth asking as if we can we will!).

The Ultimate in Dog Walking Harness

  • Modular design allows and secure and snug fit for almost any size & shape of dog

  • Easy to clip around dog’s neck and NOT put over head

  • Adjustable in up to 5 different places

  • Each piece can be replaced as or when needed

  • Front piece comes with an additional D-ring as standard

  • Safe for amputee dogs (Tripawed!)

  • Difficult for escapologist dogs to get out of

  • Calming for excitable dogs