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Many cats and dogs prefer wet food to dry and it is popular amongst many pet parents to mix the two - either feeding wet food as a topping to dry kibble or offering wet food at separate mealtimes. The latter is often more popular with cats, who eat their wet food at a mealtime and often have dry left out during the day.

Both dry and wet pet foods are mostly sold as complete pet foods which mean they contain all the nutrition necessary and do not need to be mixed to be an adequate diet. However, adding wet food gives extra moisture, can introduce new proteins and gives interest to a dry diet.

We sell wet dog food by Lily’s Kitchen, SImpsons Premium, Canagan, Forthglade, Symply, Eden, Nature’s Deli, Nature’s Menu, Arden Grange and Country Hunter. All canned food is discounted by 10% for every 6 you buy and these can be mixed across ranges. Forthglade and Nature’s Deli can be bought in mixed boxes of 18 with a 10% discount.

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