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About Paws with a Cause

Our pets are important to us, and as such we are passionate about providing high quality food and products. As animal lovers, we want to contribute to the wellbeing of all animals, and wherever possible we support companies who share these ethics by having regard for the welfare of farm animals, and by not performing invasive, unethical tests on animals.  We also work hard to develop relationships with smaller, ethical companies who we can actually talk to about their ingredients and values.  We do not stock aversive training aids such as choke collars, shock collars or corrector sprays.

We will be supporting two very important charities - Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, a local educational and rescue centre in Ringmer, and the Dr Hadwen Trust, a charity that funds research that replaces animal testing.

Our aim with the webshop is to provide a similar service to our little shop in Woodingdean, Brighton.  Of course you can just order what you want and have it delivered, but we hope to offer a wider service when you need it...

Delivering samples, talking about your pet’s needs, fitting harnesses and head collars and even putting your new rabbit hutch or bird table together for you, we want to provide a full pet shop service to your home.  Our webshop is being filled gradually but please see our What's in Store about our stock, or get in touch if you need some prices.  You don't have to use the website, you can still order and pay over the phone - 01273 602870 - or pay cash at the door just like in the olden days!  

About Fiona & Luigi

We're Luigi and Fiona Paiano, Directors of Paws with a Cause Ltd. The ideals that underpin our company grew from our experience of adopting our two rescue dogs, Worzel and Bimbla in 2011. Both dogs came to us with problems stemming from their own backgrounds, and, in fact Bimbla had already been rehomed by the RSPCA and returned to them before we adopted her.

What followed was a lot of study on our part, and then a measured and educated search for a positive dog behaviourist who could help us build on our learning and show us gentle, non-aversive methods of training both our dogs. We learned about the importance of diet in relation to the dogs’ health and behaviour which led us to our own research about dog food and subsequently pet food in general. Prior to this, Fiona had already been searching out high welfare or organic meats to cook for the dogs as we felt uncomfortable at the idea of buying dog food from factory farmed animals, something we never do for ourselves. We found it difficult and confusing to work out from the brands in big pet stores which had the right quality of nutrition along with an ethical company policy that considered the animals farmed for the food. Ingredients listed on pet food packaging are often in very small boxes, hard to read and list terms that were initially unknown to us such as meat meal and meat derivatives.

We spent time studying the foods available against the needs of our dogs. Paws with a Cause was really borne when we realised that many pet owners felt the same as us, and would appreciate being able to buy their pets food from brands that had an ethical policy and clear labelling, training aids that would build their bond with their pet and receive advice about ethical and gentle local services.

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